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When I get asked "what got you into your career," there are two answers. Dance and the mind. I have always been fascinated with athletes and the ability to perform at high levels. It's amazing what the body can be trained to do. 


The brain is fascinating.


From my dance career, I learned that training your brain is as important as training your body.


If you're wanting to whip out four pirouettes, not only do you think about lifting your knee, pulling up through your leg, using your back and spot a non-moving also visualize your turns and trust your body to do what it needs to do. You focus on positive thinking. You are confident. And you are the best athlete you can be in that moment.

"Dance and the mind" have continued to be an influence in the work that I do now, and the work I plan to do in the future. Even when things appear to be out-of-sync, there is rhythm and a lifetime of performances.

Areas of Expertise

Mental Health Therapy

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it?” Sometimes, we may feel like we need to be fixed. As a therapist, I encourage my clients to come as they. I enjoy getting to meet individuals where they are in their life journey and I offer a warm, open, and safe space for therapy. I believe in collaborating with clients to create solutions together; not to “fix” them, but to enhance their skills, provide encouragement, and support them in building confidence to live their life to the fullest potential.

Sport Performance Skills Training

As an athlete, it can be challenging to manage expectations, pressure, fear of failure, injury, among many other aspects. I offer my sport clients mental skills training, in order to build skills to enhance their overall performance. The ultimate goal is to get athletes feeling and performing their best. You are the expert of your sport, and I am the expert of the brain. Together, we will collaborate and create a specialized skills plan to get you on the path to your peak performance.
Ballet Dancers

"Honor the space between no longer & not yet."   

-Nancy Levin 

“Every kind word you said, every warm smile, I noticed and remembered. You have  made such a great impact on my recovery and I owe my progress to you and your positive presence!”
“I couldn’t have overcome this without you, so thank you.”
“You listened to me and supported me, and you helped me to keep going. I am truly grateful for our time together and all I can say is thank you!”

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